Friday, February 7, 2014

World War VII


Entry number 02314. Date: July 7, 2178
I’m Staff Sergeant Isaiah Rosario in the 2nd Batalion, 5th Marines. My squads been out here for 2 months. 3 days. and 1500 hours. We’re running out of food and water. Our Squad Leader was KIA 1700 hours ago. I am now in charge. We’ve been pinned down for awhile now but theres to much fire power at the borders to bring in back up and a rescue team. We’ve lost 3 men and 2 more are injured. It doesn't look like they’ll make it. My heart goes out to your family’s. Over. And Out.
Entry number 02414 Date: July 9, 2178
My men are giving up. I can't let this happen. We have to act. I'm bringing my boys home and we're leaving tonight.
2200 It's been dark for some time now. I'm gathering up my men and we're heading out. I'd say the best route would be through the woods and down across the stream. The only problem is there's border patrol 24/7. We're going to have to disguise our self as the enemy and hope for the best. Over. And Out.
Entry Number 02514 Date: July 10, 2178 Time: 1800
We’re at the border. Border patrol hasn’t gone by for awhile now. Suspicious. I’ve got Bobby on the look out for any enemy patrols. Looks like the close is clear. Once we go past the borders our radio should start to work and we’ll be able to call the Headquarters and get my boys home. Corporal David Flores is one of my best Marines. He’s got a good life back home. I plan on bringing him home, and all my brothers here with me now.
2200 We’re heading out. Patrols on a coffee break and this is our time to move.Cpl. Flores runs out across the road and checks the fence for patrol. I cover him. Patrol decides to take a walk. Cpl. Flores is out in the open. I order him to stand down  and lay down in the grass in the shadows. Patrol passes. Sweat drips down my forehead. “Okay move!” David gives the “Okay” to rondevu at the fence. Jeffs Always got tools. He hands Cpl. Flores the chain cutters to cut open the fence. The pliers are dull and it makes a loud snapping noise every time it goes through one of the wires. We stop to think. “Bobby do you have a rag?” I whisper. He hands me a rag and I take out the last bit of water we have left. I wet the rag and wrap it around the pliers every time before we cut the fence. It no longer makes a sound. Bobby almost jumps up for joy, almost giving up our position. I smack him up side the head. We make a hole big enough for everyone to fit through. What we didn't know almost kills us. Bobby takes the first step across the fence and steps on a landmine.
0100 Bobby stepped in a landmine. His leg blow straight off. We were splattered with blood. My ears were ringing and all I could here was Bobby screaming in agony. There's nothing we could do for him. So I put a bullet in his head to stop him from the pain. I grabbed his dog tags. Alarms started to go off. Korean soldiers starting running to the scene. I yelled out to the boys to see if they're okay. Everybody but Bobby was okay. "Let's move out!" I yelled. We started out for the city across the woods. We dove into the bushes to prevent from getting hit from flying bullets.
Entry Number 02614 Date: July 11, 2178 Time: 0600
We lost Bobby. We were able to hide and stay low. The Koreans lost our trail, but I know they won’t give up on finding us. We now have very little food and no water left. The nearest base isn’t for another 15 clicks North. We have to find a village and fast.
1000 We found a village. The people at this village looked surprised to see us. A lot of the kids asked for hugs and asked us to play with them. Jeff speaks Korean and asked the elders for some food and water for our journey home. It took awhile but they let us stock up on our water supplies. As we finished filling up our last canister the kids started to run inside. The village cleared. Something doesn’t feel right. I take the elders inside a hut and I order the boys to keep an eye out. “Hold your fire. Hide in a hut and stay low. Let them pass.” The elders told the Korean soldiers they haven't seen us. The Korean soldiers insisted in clearing the area. Checking the huts one by one. I told the boys to get out if they can without giving up their position. “We’ll rondevu 2 clicks North.”  I snuck out the back. I started heading North to meet my brothers when I heard gunfire. There wasn’t much I could do. I stayed on my path. When I got to the rondevu point Jeff was there. I didn’t want to startle him and get my head blown off so I called out to him. “Jeff it’s Isaiah, hold your position, don’t shoot.” We both sat and took turns keeping watch. I offered to watch first.
2200 I heard a noise. I look out into the night. I feel eyes staring at me. A stick cracks in the distance. I turn the safety off. I call out. “Anybody there.” I get a response. “Sgt Rosario is that you.” “Jeez Flores I almost took your head off.” Cpl. Flores proceeded to tell me what happen. As he was trying to sneak out the back one of the Korean soldiers was heading that way. He got himself into a fist fight and snapped the guys neck. He was running into the bushes when they opened fired. He was able to get out of there with only a flesh wound. A bullet clipped him on his leg. I wrapped it up. He should be okay.
Entry Number 02714 Date: July 12, 2178 Time 0700
We have to move. I’ve got to get David to a hospital. “Breaker breaker this is SandMan, do you copy over” I ran over to Jeff and grabbed the radio from his bag. “SandMan this is Sergeant Isaiah Rosario in the 2nd Batalion, 5th Marines. Our squad Leader was KIA. I’m now in charge. We need a rescue team ASAP. Corporal David Flores is wounded and he needs medical help. Over. “Roger that Sgt Rosario, we’re getting a rescue team to your location pronto. Over”. We’re going home boys.
Entry Number 02814 Date: March 23, 2179
This is the final entry I’ll be making as a Staff Sergeant. David Flores was Honorably discharged. He got a Purple heart. Jeff went home too. As for our Squad leader and Bobby. I personally went to their families and broke the news to them. They were both great men, and great soldiers. Now as for me. I got a Silver Medal. For bringing my men home. I plan on staying. They've got a job for me beyond the borders. I head out tomorrow. See you soon. This is Staff Sergeant Isaiah Rosario signing off. Oorahh!

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  1. 1. The external conflict is that they're running out of food and water and Sergeant Isaiah is now in change. The resolution of the conflict was good
    2. The change of Sergeant Isaiah acts more like a leader as the story goes on
    3. My favorite part was when they were trying to get in the fence, i think it occurred in the climax. "My ears were ringing and all I could here was Bobby screaming in agony." This was one of my favorite lines because it kinda gives hints as to what just happened.
    4. The tales best quality was the detail in the story, everything was described very well
    5. The tale shows how tough you have to be for people fighting in wars
    6. Make sure that everything is evenly indented because some lines are and some aren't